Winner Listings

Adlai Stevenson Global Studies Thesis Prize Award

This award goes to the best Global Studies BA thesis that has an international or global theme.

  • Gage Gramlick
  • Claire Keenan-Kurgan

Albert A. Dahlberg Prize

Awarded by the Department of Anthropology for the most distinguished Bachelor’s paper in the areas of Archaeology or Physical Anthropology

  • Xiyuan Yao

Amos Alonzo Stagg Medal

Awarded to senior male athletes who have combined athletic performance with scholarship, ability, leadership, character, and significant contributions to team success.

  • Richard Gillespie

Asada Eiji BA Thesis Prize

This Prize is named for the first recipient of a Ph.D. by the University of Chicago in 1893. Professor Asada Eiji went on to enjoy an illustrious career at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

  • Bonnie Hao
  • Estrella Hernandez

Astronaut Scholarship

A highly selective merit-based national scholarship given to the best and brightest university students who excel in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

  • Steven Labalme

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

Provides up to two years of support for second- and third-year students pursuing research careers in mathematics or the sciences.

  • Cameron Chang
  • Steven Labalme
  • Umar Siddiqi

Beinecke Scholarship

Nationally competitive fellowship that supports third-year students who plan to attend graduate school in the arts, humanities or social sciences.

  • Amanda Chacon

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Sponsored by the US Department of State Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs, the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships provide up to $5000 to support students studying abroad.

  • Rayna Acha
  • Audrey Byykkonen
  • Ashley Gurcharan
  • Narvella Sefah
  • K-LA Spieles
  • Jielu Yu

Bertram J. Cohler B.A. Thesis Prize

This honor is awarded to the student submitting the best thesis investigating topics related to individuals in context in comparative human development. Their thesis should exemplify the highest quality of scholarship expected of our students, and will include an award of $250.

  • Haley Harris

Best Honors Thesis or Essay in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies

Awarded annually for the best thesis or essay written by a graduating senior who majored in HLBS. Papers will be nominated by faculty in HLBS. BA theses will automatically be considered.

  • Laura Ribeiro
  • Alexandra Takoudis

Brian J. Baldea MVP Award

Presented to a baseball player who, by vote of his teammates, has made the greatest contribution to the team through leadership, commitment and skill.

  • Drew Bryan

C. Davies Shallcross Award

In recognition of his stalwart support of Polish Studies at the University of Chicago, the C. Davies Shallcross award is awarded by the Slavic Department to a student whose performance in the Russian and East European Studies major has been marked by special achievement.

  • Ethan Blinder

Campus Life and Leadership Award

Presented to graduating students who have demonstrated leadership in a single co-curricular endeavor and subsequently improved the quality of life on campus.

  • Carolyn Castroblanco
  • David Lewis
  • Hannah Richter

Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace annually selects eight to ten graduating seniors as Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows to serve for one year as research assistants in an area of public policy.

  • Fiona Brauer
  • Erica Hogan

Cathy Heifetz Memorial Award

Presented to a student in the Department of Music whose associations as a member of this community have been singularly marked by a spirit of caring and helpfulness.

  • Jacob

Charles M. Payne BA Thesis Prize

This prize is awarded by the Committee on Education to a B.A. thesis that exemplifies the highest qualities of originality, disciplinary rigor, and relevance to the cause of improving education, broadly conceived. Because education is a multi-disciplinary field, the selection committee consists each year of COE faculty and PhD students who collectively have expertise to evaluate submissions representing the applicants’ respective disciplines. Students enrolled in any program of study in the College are encouraged to apply, so long as their thesis involves substantive treatment of a topic in education research.

  • Felix Gonzalez Islas

College Outstanding New Leader Award

Awarded to first- and second- year students for exemplary contributions to student life while showing further promise as student leaders.

  • Pietro Juvara
  • Georgia Wluka

College Writing Tutor Award

Given to graduate students for excellence in the teaching of academic writing to undergraduate students.

  • Watson Lubin

Critical Language Scholarship Program

A United States Department of State program, supports intensive summer language study in thirteen critical-need foreign languages at overseas language institutes.

  • Pravan Chakravarthy
  • Will Flowers
  • Laura Mahaniah
  • Cara Wilson

DAAD Short-term Scholarship

The DAAD was founded in Heidelberg in 1925 on the initiative of a single student and is one of the most important funding organizations in the world for the international exchange of students to and from Germany. It funds summer language study for students across all disciplines and year-long stays for individual research or to study for a German Masters degree. The University of Chicago was named a contact university with DAAD in 1953 by then-chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

  • Genevieve Ansay
  • Pierce Hoenigman
  • Helena Lew-Kiedrowska
  • Wesley Shih
  • Alex Stern

David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarship for Study Abroad

Supports immersive study of the language and culture of a country critical to U.S. national security.

  • Ryan Boles
  • Chloe Brettmann
  • Marc de Fontnouvelle
  • Sophie Feng
  • Erica Hogan
  • Sam Levy
  • Lena Maghraoui
  • Miriam Sills
  • Ellie Zazycki

David L. Fulton Prizes for Orchestral Excellence

Awarded to one or more outstanding student string-instrument players in the University Symphony Orchestra who have consistently demonstrated the highest level of musical accomplishment on their instruments, as well as extraordinary commitment to the Orchestra.

  • Lukas Jonsson
  • Grace Kim
  • Caroline Koclanes
  • Julien Lee Heberling
  • Edward Meyer

David W. Grainger Senior Scholarship

Presented to a third year Physics student who shows particular interest and aptitude in the laboratory as well as outstanding proficiency in formal course work.

  • Jack Dewhurst

Davis Projects for Peace Program

Provides up to $10,000 in summer funding for grassroots projects that focuses on conflict resolution, reconciliation, and building understanding. Projects may be individual or collaborative.

  • Diego Pizano

Dennis Hutchinson BA Thesis Prize

Awarded annually to the student who has written the best BA thesis in the Law, Letters, and Society major.

  • Erin Braner

Earl R. Franklin Research Fellowship in Psychology

Supports student summer research projects in Psychology.

  • Phoebe Holz
  • Louisa Lyu
  • Isabella Ramkissoon

Edith Ballwebber Prize

Presented to female athletes who have demonstrated outstanding athletic performance, team leadership, initiative, and improvement and who have contributed significantly to the Women's Athletic Association.

  • Shianna Guo
  • Maddie Kelly
  • Grace Schwieters
  • Emily Xu

Edward M. ("Ted") Haydon Medal

Awarded to a male track and field athlete who has contributed significantly to the sport through performance, leadership, and overall contribution.

  • Simon Dixon

Ellis Bonoff Kohs Award for Orchestral Excellence

Awarded to one or more outstanding student musicians in the University Symphony Orchestra who have consistently demonstrated the highest level of musical accomplishment on woodwind, brass, or percussion instruments, as well as extraordinary commitment to the Orchestra.

  • Ben Cooper
  • Zach Glick
  • Bruce Wen
  • Alvin Zhang

Foundation for the Advancement of Anthropology and History Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarships

Awarded to second and third year Anthropology majors to support independent research and training in anthropology and archaeology. Priority is given to applications intended to develop an honor's thesis project.

  • Seraphina Halpern
  • Echo Lyu
  • Navid Mazidabadifarahani

Frances E. Knock Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Biological Chemistry

Recognizes outstanding academic achievement in biological chemistry.

  • Jack Riley
  • Eric Yuan

Frances E. Knock Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Chemistry

Recognizes outstanding academic achievement in chemistry.

  • Bernadette Miao

Francis X. Kinahan Memorial Prize

Awarded to the graduating senior who has made the most significant contributions to University Theater.

  • Colin Cooper

Fulbright U.S. Student Program

Highly regarded award that provides a year of support for graduating students to engage in study, research, or teaching in a foreign country.

  • Mallory Brodnik
  • John Delaloye
  • Chloe Duval
  • Sarah Fineman
  • Estrella Hernandez
  • Amy Lu
  • Adele Malle
  • Kellin McGowan
  • Emma Montgomery
  • Sanjana Natesan
  • Gabriela Perez
  • August Wachter
  • Maddie Wright
  • Ellie Zazycki

George V. Bobrinskoy Award

The George V. Bobrinskoy Award is conferred upon graduating seniors in the College for “excellence in the study of Slavic languages and literatures.” Established in 1970 and first awarded the following year, the prize honors an emeritus professor in the Department of Linguistics who had an important role in the establishment of the Russian program at the University of Chicago. Professor Bobrinskoy was one of the first teachers of Russian at the University. The Bobrinskoy Award is presented at the Slavic Spring Undergraduate Reception held near the end of Spring Quarter. Seniors graduating in Slavic Languages and Literatures that quarter are eligible for nomination. Slavic department faculty selects the awardees based on academic honors and B.A. paper submitted.

  • Katherine Sinyavin

Gertrude Dudley Medal

Awarded to a senior female athlete who has contributed significantly in both leadership and performance to the women's athletic program.

  • Grace Hynes

Global Honors

UChicago College students are deeply engaged in a wide array of activities that require the use of foreign languages and that connect them with individuals and cultures on or beyond our campus. Global Honors provides students with a way to assemble all of these many-faceted experiences and be recognized for exceptional global engagement.

  • Isa Alvarez
  • Evelyn Andreoli
  • Ruth Beaubrun
  • Carter Beckstein
  • Eyshe Beirich
  • Margot Bolanos Gamez
  • Peter Bound
  • Alice Breternitz
  • Lauren Cecchini
  • Jennifer Cruz
  • Fatou Dioum
  • Emily Grant
  • Bonnie Hao
  • Esmeralda Hernandez
  • Karina Holbrook
  • Emma Konrad
  • Julia Liu
  • Grace Lyons
  • Ariana Maisonet
  • Dean Matteson
  • Layla McDermott
  • Gabriela Perez
  • Diego Pizano
  • Asia Quizon-Colquitt
  • Julia Radhakrishnan
  • Natasha Rodgers
  • Josh Roth
  • Donna Son
  • Josh Sulkin
  • Livia Tibuleac
  • August Wachter
  • Yifei Wu
  • Jielu Yu

Heart of the Team Award

Presented by the Graduate Athletic Association to a senior who has provided life, spirit, and guidance, and demonstrated enthusiasm, perseverance and a positive attitude throughout her career.

  • Jules Folkl

Howell Murray Alumni Association Award

After his death in 1958, a group of friends established the Howell Murray Medal to recognize and award the level of student leadership, dedication and ambition embodied in the spirit of Howell Murray.

  • Greg Asare
  • Nyah Devalle
  • Lola Fisher
  • Felix Gonzalez Islas
  • Meghan Hendrix
  • Hayley Mirabile
  • Neville Nazareth
  • Tyler Okeke
  • Rose Pikman
  • Marce Sanchez
  • Caleb Smith
  • Jillyn Turunen
  • Leah Ulrich
  • Caroline Webber
  • Jochebed Yeboah

Humanitarian Award

Presented to students who have lived a life of honesty, integrity, and responsibility, with a demonstrated commitment to the welfare of the greater community.

  • Kaitlyn Dodgen

Ignacio Martín-Baró Human Rights Essay Prize

The Pozen Family Center for Human Rights sponsors an annual essay competition to recognize excellence in writing about human rights. The award honors the memory of Ignacio Martín-Baró, a Jesuit priest from El Salvador who earned a Ph.D. in Social Psychology at the University of Chicago. Martín-Baró taught at the Universidad de Centro America in El Salvador and was a leading scholar on social justice and human rights. In 1989, Martín-Baró and seven others were assassinated by the Salvadoran army for their commitment to El Salvador’s dispossessed.

  • Alice Breternitz
  • Naomi Kebede
  • Sanjana Natesan

J. Kyle Anderson Award

Presented to the senior baseball player who best exemplifies character, leadership, integrity, and dedication to the team while distinguishing himself with accomplishments on the field.

  • Blaney Soper

James L. Hevia Global Studies Thesis Prize Award

This award goes to the best Global Studies BA thesis that has one of the following themes: Chinese, British, and Asian Studies, and human interactions with animals and plants.

  • Margot Bolanos Gamez
  • Estrella Hernandez

James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Center for Research on Wealth Inequality and Mobility Thesis Prize in Public Policy

The Stone Thesis Prize is awarded each May to exceptional undergraduate students in Public Policy at the University of Chicago who have produced exemplary research on topics of inequality. This award, which recognizes work that is original, of scholarly excellence, and significant to the field, aims to create early-stage pathways into the study of inequality.

  • Sophie Yang

Jane Morton and Henry C. Murphy Award

Presented to those students who have made unique contributions to improving university student life.

  • Jackson Lee
  • Danielle Lopez

John Haeseler Lewis Prize

Awarded in recognition of the best graduating senior majoring in Physics.

  • Roberto Cohen
  • Astrid Li
  • Cameron Poe

Joseph Stampf Medal

Awarded to the senior player who strives for excellence as a man and as a basketball player, who dedicates himself to his teammates, and whose commitment to high values and integrity is expressed in his relationship with his teammates and coaches.

  • Bryce Hopkins
  • Skyler Twyman

Justin Palmer Prize

Awarded annually by the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations to the undergraduate major who submits the best Senior honors paper.

  • Erin Braner

Leonard B. Meyer Prize for Musical Excellence

Awarded for the best Bachelor's thesis in the Department of Music.

  • Aatman Vakil

Leonard Bloomfield Prize in Linguistics

Awarded to the graduating fourth-year linguistics majors with the highest GPA in linguistics courses.

  • Scarlett Akeley
  • Brooke Davis

Lillian Gertrude Selz Prize

Awarded to women with the highest academic achievement after their first undergraduate year.

  • Samantha Doepker

Lincoln Academy of Illinois Student Laureate Award

Presented to the Illinois resident who achieves overall excellence in curricular and extra-curricular activities.

  • Eyshe Beirich

Lisa Crone Prize for Excellence in the Study of Russian Literature

The Anna Lisa Crone award is to be awarded to the most accomplished major graduating in Russian literature and culture. This award was established in honor of Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Chicago, who was widely respected for her ability to elucidate difficult Russian poetry of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, who passed away in 2009. The award is presented at the Slavic Spring Undergraduate Reception held near the end of Spring Quarter. Seniors graduating in Slavic Languages and Literatures that quarter are eligible for nomination. Slavic department faculty selects the awardees based on academic honors and B.A. paper submitted.

  • Nick Demetroulakos

Louis Sudler Prize in the Performing and Creative Arts

Awarded for academic achievement in performing and creative arts

  • Collin Amelsberg
  • Savannah Bowman
  • Non Charoenwattananon
  • Trent Davis
  • Caitlin Ellithorpe
  • Anat Karapanagiotidou
  • N/A McDaniels
  • Amy Medrano
  • Cecile Ngo
  • Matthew Sumera

Margaret McKenzie Prize in Germanic Studies

The McKenzie Prize in Germanic Studies is presented to a College student for outstanding work in Germanic Studies.

  • Thea Applebaum Licht

Marion R. & Adolph J. Lichtstern Prize

Awarded by the Department of Anthropology for the most distinguished Bachelor’s papers in the areas of Social, Cultural, and Linguistic Anthropology

  • Sydney Knight
  • Nicole Zhong

Marshall Scholarship

Awarded to only 40 students per year, provides full support for graduate study at any university in the United Kingdom.

  • Rick Holder

Mary Jean Mulvaney Scholar Athlete Award

Awarded to the male and female senior athletes with the highest junior and senior grade point average.

  • Katarina Birimac
  • Jeremy Huang

Marylyn C. Grabosky Prize for Research Related to Education

This prize is presented to selected current second or third-year students in the College who are writing a supervised independent research paper or a B.A. senior thesis related to education. It provides financial support to conduct education-related research that will result in a research paper or thesis.

  • Rulan Zhang

Max Davidson Award

Presented to a member of each of the men's and women's tennis teams whose dedication to the team and to sports has excelled above all others.

  • Shianna Guo
  • Pat Otero

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program

Provides second-year students with faculty mentoring and research experience for two years and supports planned doctoral studies.

  • Ben DeMott
  • Erin Lynch
  • Hassan Mohammadi Doostdar
  • Daián Rodríguez
  • Reese Villazor

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Post-Graduate Scholarship

Awarded to a student-athlete who has excelled in the classroom and on a varsity team.

  • Jp Phillips

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship

Supports three years of post graduate study for students of math and science.

  • Tori Ankel
  • Diego Garza
  • Paul Keene
  • Rohan Kumar
  • Jack Riley
  • Ruby Schnirman
  • Wilson Turner
  • Lucas Wang
  • Cheryl Wu

Nicholson B.A. Thesis Prize

Awarded for the best senior B.A. thesis in the area of British Studies, based on the use of primary materials in any concentration or discipline

  • Nat Nitsch

Nicholson Undergraduate Travel Grant

Supports research for undergraduate senior theses on any topic requiring archival research in the British Isles or Ireland

  • Amy Lu
  • Casey Mathur
  • Michael Wayne

Norman H. Nachtrieb Award

Awarded each year to an outstanding student for excellence in undergraduate chemistry studies.

  • Kevin Zong

Olga and Paul Menn Foundation Prize (Music Composition)

Awarded for the best music composition in the Department of Music.

  • Jack Cramer

Olga and Paul Menn Foundation Prize (Play)

The Olga and Paul Menn Foundation Prizes for an original play of one or more acts by a student in the graduating class.

  • George Corrin
  • Amelia Simonoff

Patricia R. Kirby Award

Presented annually to a female senior student-athlete, who through her participation in multiple sports or extensive support of multiple University of Chicago teams, her leadership in the Women's Athletic Association or significant leadership of her own team, and her exemplary service to the campus community has truly honored the legacy of the award's namesake, Pat Kirby.

  • Leah Ulrich

Pozen Center Prize for the Best BA Thesis on Race and Human Rights

Awarded for an exceptional BA thesis on race and human rights.

  • Marsha Morabu
  • Noah Tesfaye
  • Amina Washington

Quad Undergraduate Research Scholars

Competitive, open-discipline awards to support faculty-mentored undergraduate research and creative inquiry experiences.

  • George Afentakis
  • Josh Ahn
  • Katie Ambrose
  • Aoife Anderson
  • Genevieve Ansay
  • Emory Apodaca
  • Eyshe Beirich
  • Gaby Berman
  • Jacob Bernheim
  • Ana Bertuol
  • Aditya Bhardwaj
  • Akash Bindal
  • Will Boyes
  • Arnav Brahmasandra
  • Courtney Brandt
  • Mallory Brodnik
  • Hugh Cairney
  • Sarah Candelaria
  • Sofia Capua Montoto
  • Caroline Chael
  • Rex Chan
  • Shivani Chatterji
  • Jason Chen
  • Tracy Chen
  • Ben Cheng
  • Dana Christopher
  • Aidan Cloonan
  • Alexander Costle-Tyler
  • Trent Davis
  • Sophie Dawson
  • Peyton Dooley
  • Sabina DSouza
  • Mara Duquette
  • Antoinette Fang
  • Emilie Faracci
  • Joey Farrell
  • Sam Feder-Trosclair
  • Katie Fox
  • Kaleb Funk
  • Noah Geller
  • Elizabeth Gerlach
  • Zach Gillis
  • Rowen Glusman
  • Raul Gomez del Estal Teixeira
  • Cody Googin
  • Lainey Gregory
  • Joseph Guter
  • Hannah Halpern
  • Michael Han
  • Victor Han
  • Sophie Hare
  • Erica Hogan
  • Sara Hoggatt
  • Grace Hu
  • Aaron Huang
  • Rosalind Huang
  • Jess Ip
  • Ainsley Iwanicki
  • Emily Jacobs
  • Niranjan Joshi
  • Justin Jung
  • Joseph Kaczor
  • Su Karaca
  • John Kasal
  • Caroline Kellogg
  • James Kenniff Jr.
  • Shannon Kim
  • Shannon Kim
  • Julius Kim
  • Clark Kovacs
  • Steven Labalme
  • Julien Lee Heberling
  • Liam Leeming
  • Audrey Leonard
  • Thomas Li
  • Sophia Li
  • Jiatong Li
  • Elaine Liang
  • Maggie Liu
  • Shawn Liu
  • Louisa Lyu
  • Ellen Ma
  • Yoyo Ma
  • Irene Madejski
  • Laura Mahaniah
  • Daisy Maslan
  • Caroline McCleary
  • Eva McCord
  • Maya McDaniel
  • Noel McGrory
  • Jonah Medoff
  • Aniela Mitchell
  • Yunyan Mo
  • Emma Montgomery
  • Shivam Mundhra
  • Addison NewRingeisen
  • Haley Nguyen
  • Jenna Nimer
  • Blessing Nnate
  • Maya Ordoñez
  • Ellie Ostroff
  • Ruby Otavka
  • Yue Pan
  • Rithvik Papani
  • Jinseo Park
  • Nikhil Patel
  • Kris Peng
  • Abbey Piatt Price
  • Cameron Poe
  • Elizabeth Press
  • Tatiana Rachlin
  • Krishna Raghavan
  • Priya Rawal
  • Polly Ren
  • Sam Reynolds
  • Noah Rizk
  • Finn Roach
  • Max Rosenblum
  • Riley Rosener
  • Ishaan Roy
  • Nora Sampson
  • Austin San Juan
  • Miguel Saucedo
  • Emily Scott
  • Brandon Shin
  • Safia Singer-Pomerantz
  • David Spitz
  • Julia Stefanska
  • Haley Stiscak
  • Raphael Stone
  • Erik Su
  • Manu Sundaresan
  • Darius Suplica
  • Jonathan Tang
  • Poum Tangkitvanich
  • Penelope Toll
  • Mukerrem Tufekcioglu
  • Sumana Turimella
  • Wilson Turner
  • Jillyn Turunen
  • Rohan Venkat
  • Matthew Warden
  • Sarah Weber
  • Frederick Wehlen
  • Helen Wei
  • AntoÅ› Wellisz
  • Eliza Wiener
  • Violet Wu
  • Daohong Xu
  • Emma Yang
  • Hannah Ye
  • Alana Yevzlin
  • Jordan Yi
  • Andrew Youssef
  • Tingting Yu
  • Lilith Yu
  • Yoni Zeevi
  • Tianyi Zhang
  • Rachel Zhang
  • William Zhao
  • Bill Zheng
  • Cyrus Zhou

Race, Diaspora, and Indigeneity BA Thesis/Capstone Project Prize

The Department of Race, Diaspora, and Indigeneity annually awards a prize of $750 for the best BA thesis or capstone project written by an undergraduate student in any major which focuses on the RDI department’s flagship themes. Submissions must focus on topics related to race, diaspora, or indigeneity in a manner that reflects the transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary  lens of the Department. Winners will also address their work’s meaningful implications for the writer, a set of communities, and/or the world, beyond simply “filling a gap in the literature.” Submitted works may take many forms, including analytic or critical essays, empirical research, or creative works.  They should be no longer than 50 double-spaced pages, completed in English. Students may only submit one essay for consideration. Submissions will be adjudicated by RDI faculty.

  • Scarlett Akeley

Richard P. Taub Thesis Prize in Public Policy

Honoring Richard P. Taub, the founder of the undergraduate Public Policy Studies program, the Taub Thesis Prize is awarded each May to three students majoring in PBPL whose BA theses reflect original and extensive research and exceptional writing.

  • Samuel Abers
  • Titilayo Arowolo
  • Rick Holder

RISE Up Award

Through their engagement with members of the campus community, student awardees represent the University's shared commitment to the values of diversity and inclusion.

  • Solana Adedokun

Ruth Murray BA Thesis Prize

Honoring the best thesis in the area of women's studies, feminist criticism, or gender studies. The thesis competition is meant to sustain and encourage scholarship in women's studies, as Ruth Murray did during her lifetime.

  • Sophia McCreary
  • Shreya Ram

Samuel T. Fleck Prize in Italian

Awarded annually to the best paper written by a student in Italian.

  • Robert Hale

The Joyce Z. and Jacob Greenberg Center for Jewish Studies BA Prize

Recognizes the best BA thesis on a topic related to Jewish Studies.

  • Eyshe Beirich

The Joyce Z. and Jacob Greenberg Center for Jewish Studies Essay Prize

Recognizes the best undergraduate essay on a topic related to Jewish Studies written for a course.

  • Daisy Maslan

Theater and Performance Studies Award

Recognizes the graduating student who has best demonstrated the integration of artistic and academic excellence.

  • Spencer Ng

Theater and Performance Studies Exemplary Mentor Award

Recognizes the graduating seniors who have made outstanding contributions through mentorship to the university through their work with performing arts organizations.

  • Ariana Baginski
  • Reese Klemm
  • Jingwen Zhang

Theodore Lee Neff Prize for Excellence in the Study of French Literature and Culture

Awarded annually to the best BA Thesis written by a student in French.

  • Malka Schreier

Third Year International Travel Grant

Provides awards of up to $5,000 to support students conducting summer research outside the US. In most cases these awards support research leading to a BA paper, however, other academic research projects may also be considered.

  • Ethan Chen
  • Caroline Lopez
  • Daisy Maslan

University Theater/Theater and Performance Studies Technical Award

In support of the graduating student who has made the most significant design and technical contributions to the University Theater during their collegiate experience.

  • Lena Maghraoui

Unsung Hero Award

Recognizes students who have positively influenced a program or organization from behind the scenes with a positive attitude toward goals, a willingness to help in whatever capacity necessary, and a commitment to excellence in the completion of tasks and duties.

  • Jess Senger

Walter and Fay Selove Prize in Physics

Recognizes outstanding undergraduates in physics, astronomy, or astrophysics.

  • Alvin Ling
  • Dingyi Sun

Women's Athletic Association and Order of the C Most Valuable Player Awards

Presented to athletes who make significant contributions to their teams and best demonstrate skill, loyalty, and sportsmanship.

  • Drew Bryan
  • Garrett Clasen
  • Simon Dixon
  • Cole Fibranz
  • Jules Folkl
  • Shianna Guo
  • Bryce Hopkins
  • Grace Hynes
  • Rachel Keefe
  • Alesha Kelly
  • Maddie Kelly
  • Anna Kenig-Ziesler
  • Maggie McInerney
  • Sylwia Mikos
  • Ruthie Mitchell
  • Robbie Pino
  • William Skowronski

Yovovich Family Fund Grant for Research and Language Study in Europe

Established in 2016 by Paul (AB’74, MBA’75) and Mary (AB’74, MBA’78) Yovovich, the Yovovich Family Fund for Research and Language Study in Europe provides $5,000 grants to support summer research or intermediate or advanced language study in Europe.

  • Solana Adedokun
  • Faye Dai
  • Olivia Degen
  • Oscar Dorr
  • Natalie Geiger
  • Maanav Kaistha
  • Arianna Lafontant
  • Noah Ravenelle
  • Qian Fang Yeap
  • Paige Zvokel