Winner Listings

Bridge Builder Award

Recognizes students who have worked to establish or support connections between student groups or individuals. The areas of collaboration can include collaborative events, exploration of diverse cultures, education about issues that have challenged the campus, or other multicultural offerings.

  • Anna Kenig-Ziesler
  • Timmy Lin

Campus Life and Leadership Award

Presented to graduating students who have demonstrated leadership in a single co-curricular endeavor and subsequently improved the quality of life on campus.

  • Christina Cho
  • Tyari Heard
  • Aliza Oppenheim
  • Amy Tian

College Outstanding New Leader Award

Awarded to first- and second- year students for exemplary contributions to student life while showing further promise as student leaders.

  • Parv Golwelkar
  • Shreya Ram

David L. Fulton Prizes for Orchestral Excellence

Awarded to one or more outstanding student string-instrument players in the University Symphony Orchestra who have consistently demonstrated the highest level of musical accomplishment on their instruments, as well as extraordinary commitment to the Orchestra.

  • George Pomar
  • Frank Song
  • Renee Wehrle

Dr. Aizik Wolf Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship in Human Rights

This fellowship from the Pozen Family Center for Human Rights supports one year of work after graduation at an organization dedicated to human rights. Dr. Aizik Wolf, AB’77 created the fellowship to help University of Chicago College graduates launch their own careers in human rights and social justice.

  • Tommy Hagan

Howell Murray Alumni Association Award

After his death in 1958, a group of friends established the Howell Murray Medal to recognize and award the level of student leadership, dedication and ambition embodied in the spirit of Howell Murray.

  • Naa Ashitey
  • Katherine Beavis
  • Brian Johnson
  • Caroline Kim
  • Karina Kling
  • Allison Leon
  • Alice May
  • Natalia McCormick
  • Shreya Minama Reddy
  • Xavier Pacthod
  • Vishnu Paranandi
  • Raven Rainey
  • Meera Santhanam
  • Tony Shen
  • Tiffany Vaughan
  • Heather Weller

Humanitarian Award

Presented to students who have lived a life of honesty, integrity, and responsibility, with a demonstrated commitment to the welfare of the greater community.

  • Julia Ran
  • Claire Shackleford

Jane Morton and Henry C. Murphy Award

Presented to those students who have made unique contributions to improving university student life.

  • Terra Baer
  • Zara Malik

Leonard Bloomfield Prize in Linguistics

Awarded to the graduating fourth-year linguistics majors with the highest GPA in linguistics courses.

  • Nicholas Aoki
  • Maria Krunic
  • Sabrina Sternberg

Louis Sudler Prize in the Performing and Creative Arts

Awarded for academic achievement in performing and creative arts

  • Martin Girardi
  • Maggie Hart
  • Ashanti Owusu-Brafi
  • Evelyn Shi
  • Jon WuWong

RISE Up Award

Through their engagement with members of the campus community, student awardees represent the University's shared commitment to the values of diversity and inclusion.

  • Lena Diasti
  • Hope Houston

Unsung Hero Award

Recognizes students who have positively influenced a program or organization from behind the scenes with a positive attitude toward goals, a willingness to help in whatever capacity necessary, and a commitment to excellence in the completion of tasks and duties.

  • Jennifer Cruz