Winner Listings

Adlai Stevenson Global Studies Thesis Prize Award

This award goes to the best Global Studies BA thesis that has an international or global theme.

  • Lauren Cecchini
  • Lily Levine

Albert A. Dahlberg Prize

Awarded by the Department of Anthropology for the most distinguished Bachelor’s paper in the areas of Archaeology or Physical Anthropology

  • Ailis Daly

Amos Alonzo Stagg Medal

Awarded to senior male athletes who have combined athletic performance with scholarship, ability, leadership, character, and significant contributions to team success.

  • Nick D'Ambrose

Amy Kass Award

The Amy Kass Award is granted to the graduating fourth year student who has written the most acclaimed Junior Paper in the Fundamentals: Issues and Texts Program.

  • Kim Vance

Asada Eiji BA Thesis Prize

This Prize is named for the first recipient of a Ph.D. by the University of Chicago in 1893. Professor Asada Eiji went on to enjoy an illustrious career at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

  • Ella Bradford

Best Honors Thesis or Essay in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies

Awarded annually for the best thesis or essay written by a graduating senior who majored in HLBS. Papers will be nominated by faculty in HLBS. BA theses will automatically be considered.

  • Sofia Nam

Best Senior Exam Prize in Fundamentals

"Best Senior Exam Prize in Fundamentals". It is awarded to the graduating student with the best performance in the Fundamentals Senior Examination.

  • Rory Nevins

Brian J. Baldea MVP Award

Presented to a baseball player who, by vote of his teammates, has made the greatest contribution to the team through leadership, commitment and skill.

  • Brett Riegler

Bridge Builder Award

Recognizes students who have worked to establish or support connections between student groups or individuals. The areas of collaboration can include collaborative events, exploration of diverse cultures, education about issues that have challenged the campus, or other multicultural offerings.

  • Murphy DePompei

C. Davies Shallcross Award

In recognition of his stalwart support of Polish Studies at the University of Chicago, the C. Davies Shallcross award is awarded by the Slavic Department to a student whose performance in the Russian and East European Studies major has been marked by special achievement.

  • Katherine Sinyavin

Campus Life and Leadership Award

Presented to graduating students who have demonstrated leadership in a single co-curricular endeavor and subsequently improved the quality of life on campus.

  • Patrick Dilworth
  • Gabe Morrison
  • Zebeeb Nuguse
  • Dan Rowe
  • Anna Selbrede

Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace annually selects eight to ten graduating seniors as Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows to serve for one year as research assistants in an area of public policy.

  • Adele Malle

Charles M. Payne BA Thesis Prize

This prize is awarded by the Committee on Education to a B.A. thesis that exemplifies the highest qualities of originality, disciplinary rigor, and relevance to the cause of improving education, broadly conceived. Because education is a multi-disciplinary field, the selection committee consists each year of COE faculty and PhD students who collectively have expertise to evaluate submissions representing the applicants’ respective disciplines. Students enrolled in any program of study in the College are encouraged to apply, so long as their thesis involves substantive treatment of a topic in education research.

  • Lily Zheng

College Outstanding New Leader Award

Awarded to first- and second- year students for exemplary contributions to student life while showing further promise as student leaders.

  • India Hill
  • Connor Lee

Critical Race and Ethnic Studies BA Thesis/Capstone Project Prize

This prize is awarded annually to up to two Critical Race and Ethnic Studies seniors for the best thesis or capstone project.

  • Vicki Bonilla
  • Selena Spencer

David Blair McLaughlin Prize

Presented for essays written by students in the graduating class demonstrating special skill and sense of form in the writing of English prose.

  • Veronica Chang
  • Veronica Chang
  • Elizabeth Winkler
  • Elizabeth Winkler

David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarship for Study Abroad

Supports immersive study of the language and culture of a country critical to U.S. national security.

  • Allen Abbott
  • Emerson Ahn
  • Chloe Duval
  • Fiona Gould
  • Karina Holbrook
  • Adele Malle
  • Holly Ross
  • Allan Wang

David L. Fulton Prizes for Orchestral Excellence

Awarded to one or more outstanding student string-instrument players in the University Symphony Orchestra who have consistently demonstrated the highest level of musical accomplishment on their instruments, as well as extraordinary commitment to the Orchestra.

  • William Cerny
  • Luke Diggins
  • Ben Gerhardt
  • Ellyn Liu
  • Clara Mikhail
  • Jennifer Morse
  • Emma Van Lieshout

David W. Grainger Senior Scholarship

Presented to a third year Physics student who shows particular interest and aptitude in the laboratory as well as outstanding proficiency in formal course work.

  • Huiting Liu

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) Graduate Scholarship

The DAAD Study Scholarship provides an opportunity to conduct research or study abroad in any field for one year. Grantees conduct independent research or complete graduate degree programs.

  • João Shida

Dr. Aizik Wolf Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship in Human Rights

This fellowship from the Pozen Family Center for Human Rights supports one year of work after graduation at an organization dedicated to human rights. Dr. Aizik Wolf, AB’77 created the fellowship to help University of Chicago College graduates launch their own careers in human rights and social justice.

  • Will Jaffe

Edith Ballwebber Prize

Presented to female athletes who have demonstrated outstanding athletic performance, team leadership, initiative, and improvement and who have contributed significantly to the Women's Athletic Association.

  • Ellie Alden
  • Sylwia Mikos
  • Maya Patel
  • Klaire Steffens

Edward M. ("Ted") Haydon Medal

Awarded to a male track and field athlete who has contributed significantly to the sport through performance, leadership, and overall contribution.

  • Andrew Ray

Ellis Bonoff Kohs Award for Orchestral Excellence

Awarded to one or more outstanding student musicians in the University Symphony Orchestra who have consistently demonstrated the highest level of musical accomplishment on woodwind, brass, or percussion instruments, as well as extraordinary commitment to the Orchestra.

  • Emerson Ahn
  • Claire Dennis

Elsie F. Filippi Memorial Prize in Poetry

Presented to a student in the College who demonstrates distinction in poetic composition or in the study of poetry.

  • Cynthia Huang
  • Cynthia Huang

Francis X. Kinahan Memorial Prize

Awarded to the graduating senior who has made the most significant contributions to University Theater.

  • Allegra Hatem

Fulbright U.S. Student Program

Highly regarded award that provides a year of support for graduating students to engage in study, research, or teaching in a foreign country.

  • Peter Camporeale
  • Kate Ferrera
  • Ayushi Hegde
  • James Korzenik
  • Sarah Kwon
  • Kayla Martinez
  • Zebeeb Nuguse
  • Stephanie Reitzig
  • Elizabeth Xu
  • Stephanie Zhang

George V. Bobrinskoy Award

The George V. Bobrinskoy Award is conferred upon graduating seniors in the College for “excellence in the study of Slavic languages and literatures.” Established in 1970 and first awarded the following year, the prize honors an emeritus professor in the Department of Linguistics who had an important role in the establishment of the Russian program at the University of Chicago. Professor Bobrinskoy was one of the first teachers of Russian at the University. The Bobrinskoy Award is presented at the Slavic Spring Undergraduate Reception held near the end of Spring Quarter. Seniors graduating in Slavic Languages and Literatures that quarter are eligible for nomination. Slavic department faculty selects the awardees based on academic honors and B.A. paper submitted.

  • Karina Holbrook

Gertrude Dudley Medal

Awarded to a senior female athlete who has contributed significantly in both leadership and performance to the women's athletic program.

  • Isabel Maletich

Heart of the Team Award

Presented by the Graduate Athletic Association to a senior who has provided life, spirit, and guidance, and demonstrated enthusiasm, perseverance and a positive attitude throughout her career.

  • Hannah Subramaniam

Howell Murray Alumni Association Award

After his death in 1958, a group of friends established the Howell Murray Medal to recognize and award the level of student leadership, dedication and ambition embodied in the spirit of Howell Murray.

  • Allen Abbott
  • Terra Baer
  • Shriya Bansal
  • Jo Blankson
  • Shannon Davis
  • Yara Ibrahim
  • Demetrius Johnson
  • Samantha Koretsky
  • David Liang
  • Bridget Patterson
  • Christina Pirrotta
  • Ro Redfern-Taube
  • Justin Smith
  • Klaire Steffens
  • Zach Yung
  • Stephanie Zhang

Humanitarian Award

Presented to students who have lived a life of honesty, integrity, and responsibility, with a demonstrated commitment to the welfare of the greater community.

  • Niranjan Joshi
  • Parul Kumar
  • Ethan Ostrow

Ignacio Martín-Baró Human Rights Essay Prize

The Pozen Family Center for Human Rights sponsors an annual essay competition to recognize excellence in writing about human rights. The award honors the memory of Ignacio Martín-Baró, a Jesuit priest from El Salvador who earned a Ph.D. in Social Psychology at the University of Chicago. Martín-Baró taught at the Universidad de Centro America in El Salvador and was a leading scholar on social justice and human rights. In 1989, Martín-Baró and seven others were assassinated by the Salvadoran army for their commitment to El Salvador’s dispossessed.

  • Sarah Kwon
  • Isabella Rivera Volquez
  • Gabe Sanchez Ainsa

J. Kyle Anderson Award

Presented to the senior baseball player who best exemplifies character, leadership, integrity, and dedication to the team while distinguishing himself with accomplishments on the field.

  • Brett Riegler

James L. Hevia Global Studies Thesis Prize Award

This award goes to the best Global Studies BA thesis that has one of the following themes: Chinese, British, and Asian Studies, and human interactions with animals and plants.

  • Wavian Li

Jamie Redfield Award for Excellence in Fundamentals

The Jamie Redfield Award is granted to a graduating Fourth Year student in the Fundamentals Department who has earned the highest honors scholastically in the program.

  • Julian Stuart-Burns

Jane Morton and Henry C. Murphy Award

Presented to those students who have made unique contributions to improving university student life.

  • Chloe Brettmann
  • Suah Oh
  • Tyler Okeke

John Billings Fiske Poetry Prize

Awarded to the best original poem or cycle of poems by students in the graduating class.

  • Ethan Hsi
  • Ethan Hsi

John Haeseler Lewis Prize

Awarded in recognition of the best graduating senior majoring in Physics.

  • Zihni Baykara
  • Huiting Liu

Joseph Stampf Medal

Awarded to the senior player who strives for excellence as a man and as a basketball player, who dedicates himself to his teammates, and whose commitment to high values and integrity is expressed in his relationship with his teammates and coaches.

  • Brandon Beckman

Justin Palmer Prize

Awarded annually by the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations to the undergraduate major who submits the best Senior honors paper.

  • Maddie Ouimet

Lawrence and Josephine Graves Teaching Prize

Awarded to graduate students in the Department of Mathematics in recognition of exceptional teaching of undergraduates.

  • Thomas Hameister
  • Gabriela Pinto
  • Stephen Yearwood

Leonard B. Meyer Prize for Musical Excellence

Awarded for the best Bachelor's thesis in the Department of Music.

  • Ellyn Liu
  • Amelia Simonoff

Les River Fellowship for Young Novelists

Awarded to a writer of fiction to support the development of a novel towards publication.

  • Anne Pritikin
  • Anne Pritikin

Lincoln Academy of Illinois Student Laureate Award

Presented to the Illinois resident who achieves overall excellence in curricular and extra-curricular activities.

  • Stephanie Reitzig

Lisa Crone Prize for Excellence in the Study of Russian Literature

The Anna Lisa Crone award is to be awarded to the most accomplished major graduating in Russian literature and culture. This award was established in honor of Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Chicago, who was widely respected for her ability to elucidate difficult Russian poetry of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, who passed away in 2009. The award is presented at the Slavic Spring Undergraduate Reception held near the end of Spring Quarter. Seniors graduating in Slavic Languages and Literatures that quarter are eligible for nomination. Slavic department faculty selects the awardees based on academic honors and B.A. paper submitted.

  • Audrey Unverferth

Louis Sudler Prize in the Performing and Creative Arts

Awarded for academic achievement in performing and creative arts

  • Grace Correa
  • Livia Miller
  • Brady Rider
  • Timnah Rosenshine
  • Claud Ruder
  • Uduak Wilson
  • Margot Young

Margaret C. Annan Undergraduate Award in Writing

Established in Ms. Annan's memory by her students, for third-year students in the College in recognition of excellent writing and for support of a writing project.

  • Ellis Glickman
  • Ellis Glickman
  • Layla Khazeni
  • Layla Khazeni
  • Kelly Lo
  • Kelly Lo

Marion R. & Adolph J. Lichtstern Prize

Awarded by the Department of Anthropology for the most distinguished Bachelor’s papers in the areas of Social, Cultural, and Linguistic Anthropology

  • Olivia Miller

Mary Jean Mulvaney Scholar Athlete Award

Awarded to the male and female senior athletes with the highest junior and senior grade point average.

  • Anna Kenig-Ziesler
  • Ben Sarasin

Max Davidson Award

Presented to a member of each of the men's and women's tennis teams whose dedication to the team and to sports has excelled above all others.

  • Christian Alshon
  • Eugenia Lee
  • Annika Pandey
  • Lauren Park

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program

Provides second-year students with faculty mentoring and research experience for two years and supports planned doctoral studies.

  • Rayna Acha
  • Cameron Drake
  • Kelly Hui
  • Casey Mathur
  • Navid Mazidabadifarahani

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship

Supports three years of post graduate study for students of math and science.

  • Nick Corso
  • Emanuel Green
  • Alex Hinkle
  • Viraj Manwadkar
  • Omar Salinas
  • Jared Siegel
  • Claudia Yao
  • Margot Young

Nicholson Center B.A. Thesis Prize

Awarded for the best senior B.A. thesis in the area of British Studies, based on the use of primary materials in any concentration or discipline

  • Kitty Luo
  • Gwyneth Turner

Olga and Paul Menn Foundation Prize

Awarded for an original short story or novel extract by students in the graduating class.

  • Counti McCutchen
  • Counti McCutchen
  • Julia Spande
  • Julia Spande

Olga and Paul Menn Foundation Prize (Play)

The Olga and Paul Menn Foundation Prizes for an original play of one or more acts by a student in the graduating class.

  • Jonathan White
  • Brandon Zang

Patricia R. Kirby Award

Presented annually to a female senior student-athlete, who through her participation in multiple sports or extensive support of multiple University of Chicago teams, her leadership in the Women's Athletic Association or significant leadership of her own team, and her exemplary service to the campus community has truly honored the legacy of the award's namesake, Pat Kirby.

  • Adriana Shutler

Paul R. Cohen Memorial Prize

Awarded to the graduating seniors who have achieved the highest academic record in the field of mathematics.

  • John Hopper
  • Judson Kuhrman
  • Lucca Prado
  • George Turer
  • Claudia Yao

Phi Beta Kappa - Seniors

The nation's oldest and most widely known academic honor society, Phi Beta Kappa embraces the principles of freedom of inquiry and liberty of thought and expression. Symbolized by a distinctive gold key, election to Phi Beta Kappa is a commitment to the liberal arts and sciences, and lays the foundations of personal freedom, scientific inquiry, liberty of conscience, and creative endeavor. Members demonstrate intellectual integrity, tolerance for other views, and a broad range of academic interests. Each year, about one college senior in a hundred, nationwide, is invited to join Phi Beta Kappa.

  • Mahima Akula
  • Wahid Al Mamun
  • Nathnael Alazar
  • Andre Altherr
  • Celia Anderson
  • Jake Apfel
  • Zander Arnao
  • Audry Audryna
  • Terra Baer
  • Ram Balasubramaniyan
  • Ally Bartholomew
  • Chloe Bartholomew
  • Eliza Beckerman-Lee
  • Trevor Bernard
  • Clare Booth
  • Max Brandstetter
  • Michael Bushnell
  • Peter Camporeale
  • William Cerny
  • Hugo Chan
  • Suha Chang
  • Sahara Chen
  • Riona Chen
  • Grace Chen
  • David Cho
  • Francesca Chu
  • Nick Corso
  • Eu Craciunescu
  • Dale Decatur
  • Austen Dellinger
  • Brent DeVries
  • Luke Diggins
  • Christian Doucette
  • Alexandra Edidin
  • Fiona Edwardson
  • Zizo El-Kattan
  • Andrew Farry
  • Sophia Fischer
  • Chloë Fong
  • Ray Fregly
  • Caroline Galt
  • Yiqin Gao
  • Bethany Gedzelman
  • Kristen Gotsis
  • Sara Graziano
  • Alan Gu
  • Emily Guernsey
  • Jeff Guo
  • Rahul Gupta
  • Eli Haber
  • Phoebe Hall
  • Oliver Halperin
  • Willem Harling
  • Don Harmon
  • Ayushi Hegde
  • Michael Hellie
  • Alex Hinkle
  • Ethan Hsi
  • Qitian (Jason) Hu
  • James Hu
  • Alicia Hurtado
  • Rachael Hutson
  • Liz Hwang
  • Elisabeth Incardona
  • Tarek Jabri
  • Peyton Jefferson
  • Nancy Jia
  • Albert Jin
  • Marisa Kelath
  • Anna Kenig-Ziesler
  • Alina Kim
  • Brandon Kim
  • Mari Knudson
  • Ben Konstan
  • Daniel Kramer
  • Sarah Kwon
  • Vivian Lei
  • Ethan Lewis
  • Haoming Li
  • Frank Li
  • Michelle Liu
  • George Liu
  • Xinyu Liu
  • Yifan Liu
  • Julia Liu
  • Jillian Llamas
  • Akash Lohumi
  • Maggie Lu
  • Kitty Luo
  • Taraana Madhok
  • Roshan Mahanth
  • Zara Malik
  • Marc-Antoine Manzoni
  • Luke Maxwell
  • Sophia McCreary
  • Suzan Michalski
  • Ben Miller
  • Danielle Mishler
  • Stuti Mittal
  • Mallory Moore
  • Mary Mouton
  • Davit Musayelyan
  • Sofia Nam
  • Will Noddings
  • Zebeeb Nuguse
  • Jayton Oei
  • Claudia Oei
  • Sam Okum
  • Andrew Olivei
  • Alex Oreskes
  • Alex Oro
  • Sophie Oubaha
  • Maddie Ouimet
  • Rosalind Pan
  • Jacob Parish
  • Andrew Peev
  • Khanh Pham
  • Naomi Plitzko Scherer
  • Noah Powell
  • Anne Pritikin
  • Samir Rajani
  • Giácomo Ramos
  • Brinda Rao-Pothuraju
  • Ben Ratchford
  • Estelle Reardon
  • Stephanie Reitzig
  • Weixun Ren
  • Alex Rosencrance
  • Justin Saint-Loubert-Bie
  • Sophie Salvato
  • Andrew Schildcrout
  • Hadleigh Schwartz
  • Becky Scurlock
  • Anna Selbrede
  • Sandro Sharashenidze
  • Andrew Shen
  • Steven Shi
  • Jared Siegel
  • Esteban Silva
  • Abir Singh
  • Tony Song
  • Julian Stuart-Burns
  • Dylan Suffredini
  • Zihao Sui
  • Jennifer Sun
  • Julius Tabin
  • David Tang
  • Eric Tangeman
  • Lucy Teaford
  • George Turer
  • Gwyneth Turner
  • George Tzortzis
  • Kaitlyn Van Baalen
  • Emma Van Lieshout
  • Jason Vanger
  • Catherine Veronis
  • Aadi Vijay
  • Alex Vinarov
  • Ryan Waithaka
  • Kaitlyn Wallace
  • Anya Wang
  • Jizhou Wang
  • Mason Wang
  • Thomas Weil
  • Alex Weissman
  • Ben Whittaker
  • Nick Wilkins
  • Zoe' Williams
  • Madeleine Wonneberger
  • Jon WuWong
  • Steven Xu
  • Emma Yan
  • Claudia Yao
  • Kirstin Yu
  • Feyza Yucel
  • Daniel Zea
  • Isabella Zhang
  • Elena Zhang
  • Stephanie Zhang
  • Yuyang Zhang
  • Alex Zhang
  • Charles Zhang
  • Winson Zhou
  • Aurelius Zwick

Pozen Center Prize for the Best BA Thesis on Race and Human Rights

Awarded for an exceptional BA thesis on race and human rights.

  • Jonathan Chung
  • Christina Howard
  • Mari Mirasol

Richard P. Taub Thesis Prize in Public Policy

Honoring Richard P. Taub, the founder of the undergraduate Public Policy Studies program, the Taub Thesis Prize is awarded each May to three students majoring in PBPL whose BA theses reflect original and extensive research and exceptional writing.

  • Uma Balachandran
  • Laura Chen
  • Daniel Green
  • Ashley Wu

RISE Up Award

Through their engagement with members of the campus community, student awardees represent the University's shared commitment to the values of diversity and inclusion.

  • Marla Anderson

Ruth Murray Essay Prize

Honoring the best essay in the area of women's studies, feminist criticism, or gender studies. The essay competition is meant to sustain and encourage scholarship in women's studies, as Ruth Murray did during her lifetime.

  • Scarlett Akeley
  • Alicia Hurtado
  • Gabby Mahabeer

Samuel T. Fleck Prize in Italian

Awarded annually to the best paper written by a student in Italian.

  • Carmelo De Grazia Parra

The Joyce Z. and Jacob Greenberg Center for Jewish Studies Essay Prize

Recognizes the best undergraduate essay on a topic related to Jewish Studies written for a course.

  • Zachary Garai
  • Harry Weinstein

Theater and Performance Studies Exemplary Mentor Award

Recognizes the graduating seniors who have made outstanding contributions through mentorship to the university through their work with performing arts organizations.

  • Alex Liang
  • Mary Mouton
  • Carlyn Yang

Theodore Lee Neff Prize for Excellence in the Study of French Literature and Culture

Awarded annually to the best BA Thesis written by a student in French.

  • Ayushi Hegde
  • Anna Kuryla

Third Year International Travel Grant

Provides awards of up to $5,000 to support students conducting summer research outside the US. In most cases these awards support research leading to a BA paper, however, other academic research projects may also be considered.

  • Sapna Desai
  • Kate Kaplin
  • Delia Mwinyelle
  • Haley Nguyen
  • Josh Sulkin
  • Callum Welsh
  • Sonia Yuan

University Theater/Theater and Performance Studies Technical Award

In support of the graduating student who has made the most significant design and technical contributions to the University Theater during their collegiate experience.

  • Gigi Hancock

Walter and Fay Selove Prize in Physics

Recognizes outstanding undergraduates in physics, astronomy, or astrophysics.

  • Lara Braverman
  • Oliver Halperin
  • Sam Li

Women's Athletic Association and Order of the C Most Valuable Player Awards

Presented to athletes who make significant contributions to their teams and best demonstrate skill, loyalty, and sportsmanship.

  • Brandon Beckman
  • Garrett Clasen
  • Sam Craig
  • Sam Craig
  • Elizabeth Cron
  • Richard Gillespie
  • Alex Guzhva
  • Claudia Harnett
  • Claudia Harnett
  • Rachel Keefe
  • Isabel Maletich
  • Sylwia Mikos
  • Annie Mitchell
  • Henry Myers
  • Maya Patel
  • Savannah Pinedo
  • Klaire Steffens

Wrobel Trophy

Presented to the wrestler who has scored the most team points during the season.

  • Ben Sarasin

Yovovich Family Fund Grant for Research and Language Study in Europe

Established in 2016 by Paul (AB’74, MBA’75) and Mary (AB’74, MBA’78) Yovovich, the Yovovich Family Fund for Research and Language Study in Europe provides $5,000 grants to support summer research or intermediate or advanced language study in Europe.

  • Aidan Cessor
  • Iselle Diaz
  • Michael Guilmette
  • Aida Krzalic
  • Yona Litwin
  • Sarah Muhlbaum
  • Timothy Ren